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lawal adeniyi jam, 2017-08-05 13:45:50

An entrepreneur has  a long term vision; there visions are not limited while majority of bussiness owners  are limited to a particular bussiness line,

Bankole Kolapo, 2017-07-17 09:34:22

Its simply constant improvement. Ive learnt the art of journaling and keeping track of my progress. I know when im slack and need to sit up. I read to ingest knowledge and apply the knowledge in many ways as I can. Thats how to convert knowledge to wisdom. ACT.

Aduku Mark, 2017-07-07 13:42:32

Naija is a great country and we have a lot of beautiful and creative mind.since we can talking about 'made-in naija'  I want to talk about some Nigerian producers to proud or confidence to put our nationality on their finished product. From he research which I made, I discovered that 80% of producers who do this have the sole reason that if they put our country their product would not sell. Their products in real sense meet standard and can compete with others from international community.  But we Nigerian have this hug flair for foreign products.  To the typical Nigerian, if you bring a foot wear from Aba and another one from Italy,without taking a close or with eyes close, they prefer the Italian shoe. This is a serious concern for we entrepreneurs and our country at large and this topic is worth discussing.