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Do I have to Write it Down?

Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Entrepreneurship

Have you ever thought of how an idea that you swore you would execute suddenly leaves you because you cannot remember it.

The idea may have occurred to you while taking a walk, during your silent moment, while sleeping and so on; and at that moment, you resolved to work on it but forgot because you didn’t write it down or perhaps you felt it was not achievable due to lack of capital or human support.

Therefore, you discarded that idea which may have launched you into the hall of fame because you decided to limit your thinking.

When an idea occurs to you, write it down, so that you do not forget. No matter how unachievable it may seem to you, write it down and commit yourself to work on it. Forget about the lack of capital or absence of manpower. No one has it easy at the beginning. Ask any renowned entrepreneur.

Great ideas do not always appear easy at the beginning, so spare the excuses.   If every entrepreneur had an excuse as to why their ideas were not good enough, there would be no Dangote, Jim Ovia, Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, etc.  

If you do not work on it, don’t be surprised to see that another person took the initiative. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  

So next time, you have an idea, Write it down, expand on it, work on it and never forget it.

Did an idea just occurred to you now? Go ahead, write it down. Start work on it and that may be the gateway to your success.

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