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Making a Good Presentation

Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Entrepreneurship

The above is often seen as such a big deal and we have heard quite a number of people say that they can communicate on a one-on-one basis than to face quite a large number of people in whatever setting.

But it is important that every individual improve on their presentation skills regardless of your career choice. Being able to communicate effectively gives you an edge over other job seekers at a job interview, over your colleagues at work or over your competitors vying for an investment fund.

What is the essence of your product if you are unable to communicate effectively its unique selling point? What is the essence of those job skills you possess if you are unable to communicate it effectively to your potential employer(s)?  Or of what use is the innovative idea that occurred to you if you are unable or too shy to confront a group of potential investors to sell your innovative ideas?

Most people often fidget because they are uncertain or perhaps certain that those they would be facing are more knowledgeable than they are and are often timid when faced with such people.

A young lady at the beginning of her marketing and sales presentation was asked for the definition of marketing by a marketing professional. She knew the answer but felt that she would not be able to give a satisfactory answer to the question asked. She therefore kept quiet admitting that she had no idea. This scenario is an example of what fear can lead to and you have to get rid of it.

Even if you are presenting to a group of experts in your field, what matters most is that you own the floor at the time and as such make yourself the authority on the subject matter at that moment.

So here are a few steps we are suggesting you take to improve your communication and presentation skills.

First of all, prepare your presentation speech. Research, read very well, know about the subject you want to discuss with your audience. Be prepared to avoid being caught off guard.

As an employee of an organisation, you should know about your company regardless of your position. Most people feel it is the job of a sales personnel which we quite disagree, every employee of an organisation should know about the company’s products and services. You may be called to do a presentation to a visitor who wants to fully invest in your company.

Make sure that every employee in your organisation is able to give detailed information about your organisation off hand.

Basically, a good presentation comes with enough practice. Practice and rehearse well for your presentation to show that you are confident about what it is you are trying to send across to your audience.

Secondly, your product is you and so you should be able to sell your products to people. Be prepared. Your presentation slides should not be too wordy, it should be more of pictures, images and icons. It is often said that a picture can tell a thousand stories.

People often love stories, so you can tell a story to start off. It attracts your audience’s attention.

Avoid reading from the slides!

Avoid pocketing, it sends a wrong signal that you are either arrogant or fearful. Calculate your pacing and make use of gestures.  But avoid too much gestures.

Maintain eye contact. The moment you step into the room, you own the floor. You can also make compliments about your audience or make use of humour.

Do not rush your words.

Any other suggestion? Please contribute in the comment box below.




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