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Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Entrepreneurship

The reason why people opt out at the last minute is still very surprising to us. A young man with a very brilliant business idea who was thoroughly convinced that such an idea would benefit the majority of people in the country gave up early or perhaps viewed the business idea as unachievable due to lack of adequate and expected support.

This was a man who gave fifteen minutes of a very brilliant presentation of his laudable idea yet when contacted after several months to know of his progress with the business idea, said he has embarked on another due to lack of support for the previous one.

He gave a long narration of why he had to take a break from it and it looked as if he had no immediate or future plan to continue with it.

Interestingly, many young and brilliant Nigerians are like the person illustrated above, they present good business plans expecting one form of support or the other and if such support is not forthcoming they immediately abandon the project.

Most times things appear that way, the networking, mentorship or financial support that we need may not be forthcoming and things may seem difficult almost like it will never work out. In cases like this, our persistence is all we need for success.

Start with what you have, at all costs ensure that you make moves to improve your capabilities and skills to guarantee success and avoid failure. If it has to do with embarking on business trainings to improve your skills, then why not?

Most successful entrepreneurs of today including the Dangotes, zuckerbergs and the rest of them never had it easy at the start; despite the enormous difficulties, they never gave up for a minute.

To start, make a note of all your requirements including material needs, skill development plans and training. Then just like a checklist, take one item at a time and start making moves to strike them out. The idea is to pace yourself as you make conscious effort to achieve each item and get it off the list.

Within a little time, you will be surprised to see that you are already halfway through the list. In all, the important thing to do is to START. You should never give up or discouraged about that wonderful and brilliant ideas or plans no matter how tall they might be.

Remember,  persistence is the key!

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