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Five ways to avoid being Job-scammed

Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Finding A Job

Quite a number of unemployed graduates are falling victims of job scam. The high rate of unemployment gives no choice for selective jobs other than the rush for any available job. No wonder most unemployed graduates are victims of the increasing number of job scam in their bid to be gainfully employed to enable them fend for their immediate families.

Leadership newspaper reported a story of Obinna Madu on October 18, 2015 who was a victim of fraudsters. According to him, it all started when a neighbour of his, having noticed his jobless situation, informed him about a recruitment exercise that was going on for a certain company (not mentioned). Obinna had been without job for about four years and was excited when his neighbour informed him of an employment opportunity at the company. He went ahead to apply for the job and paid an application of N5, 000 to the agency who claimed to be handling the recruitment for the employing company.

“We were told the fee was for logistics and tests. In spite of my jobless situation, I didn’t see the fee as anything that should prevent me from gaining employment,” he said. He was invited for an aptitude test three weeks after making the payment with the rest of the applicants.

“Few weeks after the aptitude test, I received a letter of employment, and my salary was to be about N200,000, with a promise of an official car and a house after 10 months on the job. I immediately imagined the total end of poverty in my life. I went ahead to inform my friends and family about it because I actually thought I had struck gold. But it was all a scam,” he narrated.

Few months passed, and Obinna wasn’t asked to resume. Naturally, he became worried. But soon after, he was handed his first ‘task’.

“I was asked to go and take delivery of some products on behalf of the company. I was told to pay for the products which were supposedly worth about N300,000. The company claimed that they had issues with making cash withdrawals so I should make the payments and come for a refund which will be supposedly tied with some benefits as soon as they sort out their cash withdrawal issues.” Of which it was all a lie.

He went ahead and borrowed N300,000 from a friend and gave it to them and behold, that was the last time they had any form of contact with Obinna.

Clearly, it was a well -orchestrated ploy to defraud unsuspecting victims like Obinna.

To avoid the consequences stated above and many others, we have decided to help you with five ways to avoid being ‘job scammed’ and they are:

  • Research the Company:

It is likely that you will receive text messages, emails or even phone calls for a job interview. Once you have received such message, note down the company’s name and do your research.

You can look for their website and social media accounts to be sure that such company is in existence and also to learn about its reputation. You may find stories of other people being scammed, which will save you time, money and headaches later.


  • Put a call through or send an official email to the company requesting to confirm your attendance to the interview which you have been invited to attend.


  • Visit the company prior to the interview date

 Incase you were unable to find any useful information about the company online, then visit the company. Forget about the cost of transport, your security matters than the transport fare. Ask those who live around about the company, they should be able to provide you with any useful information about the company.


  • Be cautious when you are applying online.

 Don’t assume a job is legitimate because it is listed on a major site, rather look for sites that do pre-screen their postings ( is one of those job sites that pre-screen their Job postings.) In addition, be very careful with submitting your CV on any job sites and also with dropping your phone numbers across different job platforms.


  • It is likely that these job scammers also use real company names to defraud innocent graduates. When you find job vacancy from a well -known company, visit their “main career page” and check the company’s website listings to see if the job is authentic. Same applies to when you receive a phone call from a well-known company out of the blue, be very sure that you are not being scammed by verifying the information you received over the phone.

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