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"Never say Never"

Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Entrepreneurship

It’s not surprising to see most sales people always in a rush to sell products without building a relationship with their prospects or leads first. A young lady recalled an experience of a sales personnel who visited her office and after the “Good afternoon, my name is………” went straight to giving an account of the comparative advantage of their product over others. She was literally confused and told the young man she would get across to him later.

You may probably be thinking that the young lady’s irritation was as a result of her bad mood but no, it wasn’t. It was because the young man wasn’t communicating, he probably didn’t notice the irritation on her face, because he was more concerned with sales and meeting his target.

As a sales person, it is important that you understand your prospects and try to build a rapport with them before sales. Try to win your prospects over before any form of pitching starts!

Find out what interests the other person and start a conversation on it. It is advisable to study your prospective client very well before introducing your products or services. Let us paint this picture; imagine trying to convince a hungry man that fish is better than meat, would such a man listen to you?

In such a situation, you would clearly need to address the present situation (hunger) which you got to know of because you noticed it due to his expression or you have studied him. You need to first of all, sort out his present predicament by offering to help (If truly you can and within your means).

You may want to get him food or perhaps give him the addresses of some home catering services. Remember that “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

A sales person must be sensitive and have the ability to instantly read people’s expressions. You must also have a “Never give up attitude”. You don’t need to vow never to step your feet at a particular’s company just because they rejected your offer. The more you understand why they are shutting you down, the better equipped you are to disarm their objection. Keep the conversation going by expressing genuine curiosity about their situation and discover where their interests lie.

Objections are inevitable but should never be seen as a door slammed on your face. You must take the time to uncover why the customer is objecting if you hope to move forward in a mutually beneficial way.

Never say Never!

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