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Posted by Admin | 5 years ago | Filed Under Finding A Job

A young man was discussing an issue with his friend who sat near him in a public transport bus. This subject of discussion drew the attention of everyone in the bus and raised a hot debate amongst passengers.

The young man narrated how one of his co-workers was sacked because she had a wedding over the weekend without inviting her boss or associates. The only person she was reported to have invited was her friend who sits next to her desk in the office.

The boss got wind of it and was furious. The week after the wedding, the lady was sacked.

Passengers had different opinions, some felt it was unfair to have relieved the young lady of her job considering the fact that she just got married, others felt the boss’ decision was too harsh but only a few agreed with the decision.

Would you have also taken same action or perhaps feel less bothered due to the fact she had been able to show she is diligent, efficient and passionate towards realizing the goal of the organization?

In order not to be hasty in taking decisions, Let us look at some of the arguments the lady may put forward;

The young lady may not want to mix business with personal affairs and the fact she felt all she owed the company was her efficiency and effectiveness and not to share personal milestones such as her wedding, naming ceremony etc. with people she did not necessarily regard as friends.

From the perspective of the boss, she may probably not want to deal with such a secretive employee. Due to this, the boss may feel that such an employee would be more likely to commit a grievous offence or align with competitors. She may also have felt that sacking her was more of a precautionary measure more than anything else.

Probably, the boss took it personal and felt offended at the fact that the employee considered her irrelevant or unimportant to be invited for such an important day in her life.

There may also be other excuses we have not explored. But the question is, what would you have done if you were in the boss’ shoes?

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