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Common Interview Mistakes

Posted by Admin | 5 years ago | Filed Under Finding A Job

It is important that as an applicant looking for a job, that you properly co-ordinate yourself and thoroughly do your homework. A reputable company in Lagos put up a vacancy for the role of a social media executive to help manage their social media accounts.

Thirteen candidates were selected from a pool of entries and just six showed up for the interview.  During the interview of which members of our team were part of, four things were noticed.

Several obscene images were seen while going through the twitter account of one of the applicants.  Infact, it was used as a header on the twitter account; this speaks volume even before the interview began. The question that runs through our mind, was why such an applicant would leave such images to the time of the interview. Perhaps he could have said that he doesn’t have an active social media account or perhaps say he couldn’t recall when he knows his recent updates on his social media accounts contain explicit images.

Surprisingly, he was the one who gladly gave his twitter handle to corroborate his years of experiences as a social media expert.

Thoroughly filter whatever record you have pertaining to your career path. Filter here doesn’t mean you dish out false information but in thoroughly doing your homework and knowing which references will help back up your claim. In the case of this young man, there is an ample time for him to have deleted all the images knowing fully well that there is every possibility his social media accounts will be viewed since he was applying for the role of a social media executive.

Another thing which caught our attention, was the case of a young lady who went on narrating how unfair her former boss treated her, and some of his alleged wicked ways. Never speak so badly of your former boss regardless of whatever situation you may have faced in his/her establishment. It sends a wrong interpretation of your right intentions, click here to read more on this:

Another action which caught our attention was the lady with an attitude who kept swinging her head back and forth. Drop your pride and be courteous during an interview!

Another lady whom the interviewers were quite impressed with due to her conduct and mannerism during the interview, instantly put them off when she called out a very huge sum of money as expected take-home salary. While it is good to dream and aspire big in life, it is also reasonable to cut your expectation to the standard earnings of the role you are applying for. If perhaps you have no idea about such information, then google or ask those within the field. It will help a great deal.

We hope that you have learnt one or two things from this article; while you are excited to have been called for an interview, it is also necessary that you rehearse and plan well to give a very good impression of your person. This goes a long way.

Good luck.

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