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Things to consider for a successful startup advertising effort

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You must create and execute the precise message you are trying to put forward. Most business messages should start with explaining why the reader should read your message. This is known as selling the benefits, rather than the features. For example, if you own a book store, emphasize that you offer quality, affordability or some other benefit your target customers want. If you’re sending an inter-office business memo, don’t lead with an announcement that there’s a meeting Friday at 10:30 am in the conference room -- start by telling your employees you will be launching a new product, then announce the time and place of the meeting. The more interested people are in your message, the more likely they will take steps to remember to act.


Once you’ve demonstrated a need, which often points out a problem, give a general solution. For example, an advertisement headline or main photo might point out the frustration or unpleasantness of being overweight. Once that headline or graphic has caught the attention of those people who are overweight and want to address that, the ad will give a solution, such as aerobic exercise or calorie control. If you give your business or product as the solution without telling why it works first, you won’t sell your audience as effectively.


Once you’ve convinced your audience they have a need, problem or interest and you’ve given the generic solution, show you how you can give them that benefit. A car dealer might run an ad with a photo of a person standing next to a car with the hood raised. The next message might be that regular car maintenance prevents breakdowns and costly repairs that could have been avoided. The ad would then point out that Bob’s Car Dealership has a service shop that offers regular auto maintenance to help you keep your car running. The message would note that spending hundreds on annual maintenance at Bob’s can save thousands in avoidable repairs. An inter-office email or memo to management might announce that the company is losing sales to a new competitor, that you are considering several options to address this and that you are holding a meeting to solicit ideas to decide on the final plan


Advertising can also have a profound effect on consumer behavior with a convincing call to action that inspires consumers to act quickly. This may occur via a limited-time offer, such as a one-day discount. For example, Femi-Handbags declared January 1, 2018 as Hand bag day, and promised thousands of great deals would be available only to those signed up on the website, which as of this publication cost N23,000 per month. While the deals themselves were considered disappointing, and much of the conversation afterward was negative only 42% of social media mentions were positive. Call to action can be very strategic and very precise making the audience buy the handbags immediately or create a strong interest.


Before you can decide how and where to advertise, you must be clear on exactly the type of person you want to reach. In the advertising world this is regarded as “demographic.” Gender, age, marital status, profession, income, net worth, location, home ownership status, interests, habits, previous purchases and other items are all considerations. Market research was once the purview of only big companies. If you weren’t a big brand, investing in any form of customer research was outside the scope of what many businesses could afford. Today, advances in market research technology have opened a whole range of services to even the smallest businesses. Small enterprises and startups routinely test ideas before they take them to market, saving large amount of money and years of time developing products and services that fall flat with the market.



 If your advertisement fails to stand out from the crowd, you’re sunk. If you need a good attention to your products, then you need to put in place a good advertisement.  Digital marketers have become more innovative nowadays as almost all businesses are now competing for digital marketing space. Using creative designs for marketing is now becoming common due to its authenticity and effectiveness in marketing

A good advertisement is supposed to trigger a great response from the audience. In fact, of the ways to measure the impact of an advertisement is the response a campaign will receive. Therefore, this tasks the designer to make sure their work brings the same. A good design will not have a challenge triggering feedback on social media, website chatting forums or any other communication channels.

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