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A startup may have the best product or service but its until customers are aware of the business. Advertising plays a key role in raising awareness and securing new and repeat customers.

Your advertising should bring together the collective message of your brand. Startups have the benefit of being free and unbound by the constraints faced by large corporates when it comes to advertising. Have some fun with how you choose to advertise your business and capture your target customers' attention. Think creatively. Once you have thought about the message that you want to promote, consider where you are going to place this message.

One size won't fit all though. The way you choose to advertise your business will depend on your market, customers and product or service. Advertising should be specific and targeted. Do your research. Focus on the message that you are trying to communicate.

Advertising is one tactic of your broader marketing strategy. Advertising can take numerous forms, including print (magazines, newspapers, directories), online (search engine advertising, banner advertising), radio or TV ads, billboards, flyers, direct mail and others. Before you spend money on advertising a startup business, it’s crucial to understand what advertising can and cannot do for your business and to draw up a blueprint for moving ahead.

Generally, to get the word out there through media television, especially NTA, AIT and Channels should be considered for starters. Get the word out through that media. Then use social media for a follow up. Once people are interested, they'd most likely go looking for your social media page. Run that like a pro, cos social media management is key. 

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