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Free Application Review: Bitrix24

Posted by Admin | 4 years ago | Filed Under Entrepreneurship


Bitrix24 is a web-based application that facilitates real time communication, project and client management for your organization. Bitrix24 is arguably the most useful tool for a growing business looking to provide some form of communication management structure for her employees. While it has a subscription fee attached to some of its advanced features, the free version of bitrix24 is still extremely useful for a small business.


Bitrix24 has the following features:

  1. Social networks
    • Social intranet
    • Activity stream
    • Conversations
    • Badges
    • Announcements
    • Photo Gallery
    • Workflows
    • Collaborate by email
    • Popular social network integrations
  2. Tasks & Projects
    • Project management & tasks
    • Gantt chart
    • Task dependencies
    • Kanban
    • Employee workload management in tasks
    • Counters & roles
    • Templates & automation
    • Workgroups
    • Task reports
    • Report builder
    • External users
    • Tasks via email
  3. Chat & Videos
    • Real-time communications
    • Instant messenger
    • Group chat
    • Voice and video calls
    • Screen sharing and HD video conferencing
    • Mobile App
    • Desktop App
  4. Documents
    • Document management
    • Private and shared documents
    • Easy document collaboration
    • Version history
    • Document lock
    • Creating and editing documents online
    • Editing documents with applications on your PC
    • Integration with external drives
    • Instant search
    • Approval workflows
  5. Drive
    • Shared drive for collaboration
    • Secure and accessible cloud storage
    • Cloud-PC integration
    • Secure file and folder sharing
  6. Calendars
    • Group calendars
    • Event scheduler
    • CRM integration
    • Absence chart
    • Synchronize and integrate with your popular calendars e.g. google, outlook etc.
  7. Mail
    • Email inside your intranet
  8. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    • Manage client interaction
    • Report and sales funnel
    • Invoices inside CRM
    • Sales targets and quotas
    • CRM website forms
    • Emails to client
    • Mobile CRM
    • Calls to clients
    • Access rights and roles in CRM
    • Marketing Automation
    • Business processes
    • Website and landing page creator
  9. Clients
    • Customer contact center
    • Set open channels to popular social media platforms
  10. Mobile
    • Mobile app version on both android and IOS platforms
  11. HR
    • Set company structure
    • Employee engagement
    • Time management
    • Work reports
    • Self-service and workflow automation
    • Access permissions


To know more about their features, visit

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