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"I made the best out of the Worst."-Obi Ezeude

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It was a typical weekday afternoon at the Beloxxi Industry in Agbara, Lagos where the large expanse of land housed the offices and factory house where uniformed workers worked tirelessly with much passion to get the most production output.

We walked into the magnificent building and met with the Production manager, Cyril Ani who showed us round the industry. We were later shown into one of the offices where a well-built man in his forties walked into the room and there he is, Obi Ezeude, the Founder and CEO of Beloxxi industry.

Beloxxi Industry is one of the largest Biscuit Manufacturing Industries in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa that thrives to offer the best quality biscuits to our consumers. Beloxxi's cream crackers are made to world-class standards, and the company has set a standard for Nigerian businesses looking to expand and develop. It is curious how something as small as a cracker can rescue a country's manufacturing industry, fight unemployment and contribute to socioeconomic development.

When the Nigerian Government banned cracker imports in 2003, Beloxxi’s CEO saw this is as a clear sign that the time had come for him to launch his own factory. Firm in his decision, he went ahead to commission its maiden cracker factory in Ikeja, Lagos State, which became operational in 2006 before expanding and establishing his factory house in Agbara.  

While narrating his business journey to us, we were able to draw out ten lessons, every budding entrepreneur can learn from.

  1. Decide on your philosophy and pursue it vigorously.
  2. Be proud of what you do, concentrate and be focused.
  3. Every leader must abide by its company’s rules and make sure all staff are treated the same.
  4. Don’t run out of business because of its challenges. You must stay there and figure out what is wrong.
  5. The moment you begin to emphasise money as an entrepreneur, you’re in trouble. Passion must drive you.
  6. Don’t go into a business because of its profit but for the passion. Your love for the profession will keep you.
  7. Think beyond the problems that may arise as an entrepreneur.
  8. If you base your business on sentiments, it will only be for a short time.
  9. Partner with those with the same level of philosophy and commitment.
  10. Impossibilities in life are possibilities that have not been tried.
  11. You can’t run away from challenges in business. Business is full of challenges, how you were able to surmount those challenges is key.
  12. Nobody will listen to you, if you don’t try.
  13. If you ask the right question, you will get the right answer but if you ask the wrong question, you will get a wrong answer.
  14. Be determined, and prayerful.


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Etomi Temitayo, 6 years ago

This is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing!


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