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Are Leaders Born or Made?

Posted by Admin | 7 years ago | Filed Under Leadership

The above is a major debate that has taken over several platforms with no final conclusion as to whether leaders are born or made. Many have argued that leadership qualities have been imbued in some humans right from birth and only manifest as they grow while others have argued that leadership qualities come out from attending several leadership programs and trainings.

A child who exhibits leadership traits from childhood would gladly be on the side of those who have argued that leaders are born while the timid child who went through several leadership trainings would promptly object to this.

We spoke to five young business leaders to hear their view on this and here is what they have to say:

“I strongly believe that leaders are made based on the following: the concept of leadership is such that demands evidence of track records and as such, qualities that typifies one must be evident. To say that leaders are born is to outrightly draw a line of segregation and declare a philosophy that relegates men to living in mediocrity.”- Editor, Imohi Moses

“Leadership can be hereditary just like other behavioural traits from our parents. For instance a choleric who is a leader might give birth to another choleric child; thus making that child to also have the same choleric characters. That's a born leader. Another example is someone born into a ruling clan, just like d ancient monarchical system of leadership. Leadership like some other teachable characters can also be cultivated overtime or learnt. Someone who had no spirit of service or humble mind can learn it overtime and do away with his erstwhile aggressive or introspective character. Basically a leader is a servant, ready to serve.” – A young entrepreneur, Victoria Campbell

“In my opinion I would like to say that, Leadership quality cannot be decided at the time of birth but the work he does, how he utilizes the opportunity and works for the benefit for the others. It is your own ability and instinct which makes you a good leader. You may be a born leader only if you have nurtured that quality in time.” – Creative director, Kunle Olukoya

“Some will say that leaders are born but they don't know that their work and achievements are seen only when the time goes on. Leaders are made through self-development and sense of responsibility.” - Motivational speaker, Ibrahim Fatoyinbo

Some are born, while some are made; but a larger percentage are made. Leadership traits can be developed over a period of time. – Entrepreneur, Ewebiyi Keye James

Leaders are born and groomed into power. The greatest leaders were taught through mentors and life experiences. Therefore, Leaders are made. – An Entrepreneur, Olasanoye Temitope

What do you think? Let us have your opinion in the box below. 

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