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Invest Small sums and Build Business Empires

Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Entrepreneurship

A social commentator posted a question on her twitter page on the reasons for high rate of unemployment and several young people were quick to reply the tweet. Some of the replies include: “No access to start-up capital and people don’t want to take risk.”; “We have more job seekers to job creators. Our graduates lacks creativity.”; “People hate entrepreneurship.”; “The Nigerian government wants us to be entrepreneurs by force.”; “Few or no manufacturing companies.”, “Less jobs, more graduates.”

But that which caught our attention was about being forced to be an entrepreneur and about three people had the same reply.  We interrogated these three people further by following their twitter handle and engaging them in a discussion and here is what they have say:

“I don’t have any business idea and I don’t think I can force myself into coming up with one. I need a job and that involves working for others; but starting a business is out of it. Starting a business is not a small thing; you will need big money before you can plunge into one.”

“Everyone wants you to be entrepreneur without giving one a start-up capital. I can’t start with that amount I have with me. Why would pursue what I love without being sure of real capital?”

“We need more established companies; the issue of entrepreneurship can be put on hold. I need to work to earn more money before I can start my own business.”

It can be deduced that the reason for their reply is lack of big capital; they were quite expecting huge sums before they can implement their viable business plans.  Quite understood if anyone nurses such feelings too, but the good news is that You do not need a huge sum of money to start and build up your own business.

You can start small and yes! with that little amount you have. There are rags to riches entrepreneurs who started with small sums but built great business empires. They built themselves to face such risks; even life is full of risks. So why be scared? If in the beginning, these great entrepreneurs had decided to turn back at the thought of their small sums and the risks that may likely occur, then those great ideas would have died as a result of fearful persons who have a hundred and thousand excuses not to try.  Mike Ashley, owner of Sports Direct, started with £10,000 and Sir Richard Branson, Virgin mogul, started with just £300.

Aliko Dangote did not become the richest black man in the world overnight; it took him 30 years to achieve it. None of the richest men in Africa achieved wealth overnight; they amassed wealth in bits. Start small and stick to the entrepreneurial process which is why we have strategically put in place programs to develop and build your potentials. Remember, Rome was not built in a day, big things starts small and in the words of a contemporary Japanese writer, Haruki Murakami, “Everybody has to start somewhere. You have your whole future ahead of you. Perfection doesn't happen right away.”

Watch out for the next blog post on five great entrepreneurs who started with small sums. See you at the top! 

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