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Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Finding A Job

It is often heard among youths that they would rather go for a job that will fetch them more money than to be passion-driven. Most youths would jump at a job vacancy not because they are not passionate about the job but rather due to the ‘big pay’ involved.

Often times, a graduate of a particular course would prefer to establish on another field of study as long as such job would cater for his needs. Can we really blame them? These set of people give several reasons why money should come first and one out of many reasons given include catering for their immediate needs. They often say that such is more important to pursuing a career that may likely not yield money.

Some are lucky that the job they love is paying them much to cater and take care of themselves and family while others are really not that lucky. Nevertheless, going for a job you love would make you an expert in such field in no time than forcing yourself to love the ‘money-driven job’. Your love for a job would also fetch you more money but passion should come first.

Like The managing director of Beloxxi industry said, “Don’t go into a business because of its profit but for the passion. Your love for the profession will keep you.” And this indeed will be the first advice any great entrepreneur can offer you.

You can never wrong when you go for that which you love because in times of challenges, your passion will keep you.

But You will flee at the sight of challenges with the one pursued because of money.

The choice is in your court either to make a statement or be a passer-by; Are you for the big pay or for your love for the job?


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