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Five Great Entrepreneurs Who Started Small But Made It Big ( Invest Small Sums and Build Business Empires Part 11)

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There was an article written last two weeks on investing small sums and building Business Empires. We made a promise that we would be writing on five great entrepreneurs who started small and yet are World’s renowned entrepreneurs because they believed in their dreams and were more passionate about it. We have thus made our own research ( and have been able to compile five great entrepreneurs for you and here they are in no particular order:

Henry Ford

Henry Ford started Ford Motor Company with just $28,000, money borrowed from different investors but he made good use of the money. He was a man full of dreams and passionate on achieving it.  Ford had no financial backing of his own despite his great ideas but he was undeterred. He applied his talents to Ford Motor Company and became the first person to ever mass produce automobiles. Today, Ford Motor Company is a $56 billion dollar company with over $128 billion dollars in annual revenue.

John Paul DeJoria

John Paul DeJoria rose from the most humble of beginnings to become one of the richest men in the world. He worked as a newspaper courier at the very young age of nine, and took jobs as a janitor and a tow truck driver just to make ends meet. DeJoria's made the smart decision to go into business with Paul Mitchell while he was working for a hair care company. The pair took out a meager $700 loan, and turned it into a hair care conglomerate with nearly $1 billion dollars in annual sales. DeJoria now also owns Patron Tequila, which sells more than 2 million cases a year. He has risen from the depths of homelessness to amass a net worth of $4 billion dollars.

Steve Jobs

The inventor of the iPhone, iPod and iPad started the largest technology company in the world in his parents' garage. Steve Jobs started Apple Computers in 1976 with his partner, Steve Wolzniak. The two men did not have a bunch of venture capital like startups do today. Jobs did, however, have a vision and innovative ideas that helped to thrust Apple into the forefront of the computer industry.

Aliko Dangote

Born in Kano, his grandfather, the late Alhaji Sanusi Dantata provided him with a small capital to start his own business, as was the practice then. He thus started business in Kano in 1977 trading in commodities and also building supplies.

Aliko Dangote moved to Lagos in June 1977 and persisted in trading cement and commodities. Encouraged by tremendous success and increase in business activities, he incorporated two companies in 1981. These as well as others that followed now make up the conglomerate known as The Dangote Group.

Kevin Plank

The CEO of Under Armour was flat broke when the orders started rolling in for his moisture-holding athletic shirts. Plank started his entrepreneurial endeavour with just $20,000 in cash and another $40,000 in credit card debt to launch his fitness apparel company. Plank was so broke that he was scoring meals at his mom's house to eat. With hard work and determination, he managed to carve out a niche of the athletic apparel market for Under Armour. Kevin Plank now has a net worth just shy of $500 million.

You therefore have no excuse not to actualise your viable business plan. Remember these great entrepreneurs didn’t look at their poor financial standing as a reason not to venture into business. Their passion opened ways to opportunities.  Great men don’t give up! See you at the top. 

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