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"On a Good-Bad Day"

Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Finding A Job

Ever been called for a job interview where even before you had been interviewed you could see yourself resuming the following Monday?

You had read and researched about the organisation prior to the interview day and so confident that job is for you because your skills best matched the ones needed for the job.  You even brought out that special suit you bought for a 5-figure sum, starched and ironed knowing fully well that you were overly prepared to dazzle them with your intelligence, qualifications and competence.

You were so sure that you had landed the job because you had all the requirements for the position and just when you walked into the reception room of the organisation, you see yourself face to face with about forty different faces of young unemployed graduates also well dressed as you are.  Young men and women who also applied for the job and stood an equal chance with you of getting employed for that single position with better experience.

That kind of situation would be enough to deal a crushing blow to your morale and confidence, probably make you turn back just as you had entered. Even go as far as questioning your qualifications, wrongly saying to yourself “This is not for me.” “I’m sure not going to get this one.”  "These young people are better than I am."

If you have ever experienced this, don’t be discouraged. Do not panic or feel that your chances have been cut down or the other candidates are better than you are. If you find yourself in a similar situation to the one described earlier, your best solution is to remain calm and relax your mind. The fact that others look “too intelligent” or superbly dressed than you are should not make you lose your confidence.

Remember that you applied for a job that best matched your skills and that in itself makes you the best person for the job. That you were invited for a Job interview is a foot in the right direction and all you need to focus on is coming up with a unique service(s) that can be of immense value to your potential employer/organisation and also give you an edge over any other candidates.

You have to believe in yourself before others can put their confidence in you. When you go in for an interview with fear and lack of confidence, it automatically affects your responses and actions which make you seem less fit for the job.

At any job interview, never fidget or lose your cool, try to remain cool headed, articulate and focused. Fidgeting because you saw quite a number of unemployed graduates than you expected is a no-no. Use any free time to rehearse your words and responses in your mind and to compose yourself, better still if you are the religious type, say a little prayer before you’re called upon.

We wish you the best of luck! 

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