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How to relate with your colleagues at work

Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Finding A Job

Congratulations on your new job; and we hope you’re having a great time in your respective organisations. Now that you’re so much eager and excited, having spread the good news, it is important you grasp the proper way to relate with colleagues at work.

One of the most important things is the ability to work as a team player but there are many who don’t play by this rule or prefer working solo.

“If you have one bad apple in the bunch, it can really hurt the morale and enthusiasm of an entire department.  A department or company that works well together has the most success together. When you enjoy working with colleagues and look forward to interacting with them, everyone benefits. “-Andy Taech, author of From Graduation to Corporation

Asides from other equally important reasons, for personal career advancement and growth it is necessary to foster a great working relationship with your colleagues at work. Asides from the fact that no one is an island of knowledge and you stand to benefit from their wealth of experience as much as they stand to gain from you, who else would cover for you if for some reason you could not resume work early today?

In any work environment you find yourself, do not hesitate to learn as much as you can and to seek clarifications on issues beyond your understanding. Why would you go through additional stress of figuring something out on your own when you can easily approach others who will gladly put you through and help you overcome the difficulties and challenges we sometimes face at work?

As a new employee, you will come across different colleague depending on the organisation, the deceptive, the controlling, the snobbish, Jovial and a whole lot more. The way you handle these situations would go a long way in determining how much you gain from working, how you relate with people out of your comfort zone and ultimately how fast you grow in your career.

Either old or new staffs, learn to be patient and take time to study the organisational policies of the company and individuals whom you have to work and relate with on a daily basis. Watch that you don’t come across as being aggressive; endeavour to relate with your colleagues on a professional basis and respect each person. Ensure you communicate clear enough with colleagues to enable them understand you and know where and when to draw the line concerning you.

Irrelevant discussions about colleagues with other colleagues, hoping from one desk to the other or jay walking around the office environment are behaviours you should avoid doing.

Have fun, feel free and be a good employee who is easy and interesting to work with. 

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