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Team Building

Posted by Admin | 7 years ago | Filed Under Leadership

Browse through any job vacancy or employment opportunity notice or add and you are certain to find “Candidate must be a team player or team oriented” in at least 90% of such ads. This of course is not because potential employers or recruiters are looking to fill up newspaper ad sections or put off potential applicants.

The ability to work as a team in the work environment ensures efficiency and faster objective achievements.  Asides from the obvious benefits, working with other team members whom you have a great work relationship with can actually make work fun. The overall morale –team spirit-amongst colleagues usually translates to better productivity which leads to better results.

One of the many benefits of colleagues working well together is the free flow of information.  A legal consultant, communication coach and author, David Parnell said that, “In addition, the group’s well-being and process become more of a priority; patience, generosity and a gravitation towards interaction grows; and a good moods and dynamic information beget better moods and even more dynamic information. All of this conspires to create a more balanced, functional, aggressive and successful company.”

Furthermore, employees working as a team is an opportunity for the new team mates to learn from more experienced employees. Employees have to understand that working together seamlessly is an opportunity to acquire skills and learn from the wealth of experience of Teammates who have been working together for longer. It affords colleagues the opportunity to challenge the ideas of each other and come up with a compromise solution that contributes to the successful completion of the task.

Team work also improves employee relations resulting from the fact that teamwork enhances cohesion among members leading to increased trust among them.  Team work also leads to Work efficiency which enables colleagues accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently than tackling projects individually.

Every employee should strive to inculcate a sense of Team-spirit as it leads to increased accountability, work efficiency and improved employee relations. When colleagues don’t work well together, it can lead to friction amongst employees which interrupts building a team synergy and creating a strong unified team.  This will also cause conflicts and which in turn fosters cliques and factions within a company which will work against the overall objective and goal.

Suffice to say, objectives are achieved faster as a team than as individuals or factions. Every organisation realises this and that is why companies today make teamwork a priority by making it part of the employment requirements and performance management system. Most companies go further by having team bonding sessions or events just to encourage team spirit amongst its workers.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, always remember that Team work within the workplace not only benefits your workers but significantly affects your business. The stronger the sense of belonging and collective effort, the better the overall performance of the business and by extension, profits.


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