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Good Work Ethics

Posted by Admin | 7 years ago | Filed Under Leadership

A work ethic is a set of moral principles an employee uses in his job. Nothing is more attractive to an employer than a worker who takes initiative, is responsible and will do the job right the first time. Managers have plenty to think about without having to worry if the task they assigned you is getting done or not. Work references who can enthusiastically attest to your conscientiousness and reliability serve as the best testament to your work ethic. Here are characteristics of a good work ethic:

-An individual with a good work ethic must be reliable.

Every employer wants a reliable employee and as such it is important that your present yourself as a reliable person. One who can be trusted with works and is sure to deliver at due date and not one who come up with a thousand and one excuses of why he is unable to effectively out a task. Reliability goes hand in hand with a good work ethic. An individual with a strong work ethic must be time conscious; they understand the importance of punctuality and as such will not keep others waiting .

-An individual with a good work ethic must be dedicated.

Those with a good work ethic are dedicated to their jobs and will do anything they can to ensure that they perform well. Often this dedication leads them to change jobs less frequently, as they become committed to the positions in which they work and are not eager to abandon these posts. They also often put in extra hours beyond what is expected, making it easy for their employers to see that they are workers who go beyond the rest of the workforce and truly dedicate themselves to their positions.

-High Productivity

Individual with a strong work ethic are highly productive  because they put in a lot of time and are mostly targeted towards achieving their aim as they don't quit until they've completed the tasks with which they were presented. Remember that the more productive you are, the more beneficial it is to the company.

Team Work

Cooperative work can be highly beneficial in the business environment, something that individuals with a strong work ethic know well. An employee with a high sense of teamwork helps a team meet its goals and deliver quality work. These employees respect their peers and help where they can, making collaborations go smoother.

Disciplined: They are self -disciplined, honest and trustworthy. 

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