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Work Etiquettes (Part 11)

Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Finding A Job

Still on the good work etiquettes every employees must adopt in order to have a smooth working relationship with others in their place of work. Now that you are opportune to be reading this, you may also want to refer this post to others or share among your colleagues to help them in better relating with you and others in your place of work.

Now back to the office etiquettes;

  • Don't be a know-all; learn from others: It is important that you humble yourself to learn from your other colleagues in order to add up to your existing skills. Ways in which you can improve yourself as a person include learning from others without having to pay for it.


  • Take responsibility for your mistakes, apologise and go about correcting the mistakes. If in doubt, apologise anyway. Never blame someone else if it is your mistake: It is important that you learn to own up to your mistake rather than blaming another for  it. It doesn’t make you less of a human if you accept your mistakes and learn from it.


  • If your boss criticises your work, enquire about what precisely is wrong with it and if you are in doubt, discuss it amicably with your boss. Don’t argue with the boss.


  • Make new employees feel welcome and comfortable around you: Are you the one who squeeze or frown at the sight of a new employee? Or one who doesn’t want to get out of their way to make others feel welcome because you don’t want to be too familiar? You will be surprised at how you have been able to help the new employee conquer his fears which he/she must have been nursing even before leaving home.s


  • Keep your work area tidy. Try not to be messy.


  • If there is conflict, do not get personal in your remarks.


  • It is extremely rude to arrive late for a meeting; it is even rude not to show up at all.


Every employee must be time-conscious; if you’re one who arrives late for a meeting or an event, it is important that you cultivate the habit of being punctual now that you are on your new job.

  • Do not dominate the meeting. All communication must take place through the chairperson.


  • Do not leave the meeting until it is closed by the chairperson.


  • Always be particularly respectful to those older than yourself even if they are junior to you in position.


  • ‘Mute’ your cell phone in the office. No fancy ring tones.


  • Practice e-mail etiquette.


  • Clean up your mess in the kitchen and do not wait for others to handle that for you. For instance; if you spill over your drink while in the kitchen, it is necessary that you mop the area to avoid cockroaches or mosquitoes. Do not leave it and walk out; keep the kitchen clean too.

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