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Do You Admit Your Mistakes as a Leader?

Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Entrepreneurship

Most employers really do not see any reason why they should admit their mistakes especially in the presence of their employees; some feel that it will make them less of who they are or it may diminish any form of authority they possess.

So how does a leader admits his mistakes when the decision he suggested didn’t work out? Blame any of his employees? Push it aside and focus on the present one as if it didn’t happen?

Which of these would you have done? Do you think once you admit your mistakes, you may no longer raise your shoulder and walk across their office rooms or even issue anymore orders? Or is that you do not want to pass across a message where they feel that you are not the all-knowing as you present yourself to be?

It is no big deal to admit your mistakes and seek for your employees’ opinion on the issues at hand. Ask for their opinion on the work at hand and liaise together on ways to better carry out such work operations.

In short, being accessible, answering questions, admitting mistakes, and saying you are sorry, are not liabilities. They are exactly the tools you can use to build your credibility and authority to lead.

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