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Posted by Admin | 7 years ago | Filed Under Leadership

There was a case of a vibrant worker who was so dedicated to her work but see no reason why she should work with others. She believed she can work on a task alone and counted it as a waste of time trying to brain storm with others. To her, it was really a waste of time and more could be done within that ample time of reasoning and agreeing on a particular task.

Her colleagues felt she was just too proud and interpreted her actions otherwise. She has skipped several team meetings giving one excuse or the other.

If you were to be her boss, what will you do? Show her the way to the door because you cannot work with such a person?

This may not be the best option knowing fully well how productive and vibrant she is, as a result of how her ideas have contributed to the growth of the organisation. What then will you do as an employer? Scold her and threaten to sack her if any of such happens again?

This option may make such a worker feel unwelcomed or not been appreciated enough and she may leave with such feeling and if she does, perhaps you are not such a leader afterall.

It is important that you help such an employee; sit her down and seek to know the reason for her actions. Don’t be quick to dish out her mistakes but rather listen attentively to what she says but have it in mind that you are there to make her realise the importance of team work to her, as a person and to the organisation. Then schedule a brain storming meeting with her department for knowledge share and ensure she participates effectively.

Also try and work out whatever reasons she gave and handle with care. Be firm in your words and at the same time show that you care for her growth as a person.


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