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Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Finding A Job

It could said of late that one of the common trends of unemployed youths in today’s society is to stay at home relying on a job to find them as opposed to them going to find a job. Upon graduating from university, the expectation is a quick pass to any job of his/her choice and so after submitting several applications with no results, they look for who to blame. Most point fingers at the government and the deep rooted corrupt mentality of our citizens.

We may apportion some of the blame to the two mentioned above, but what are we doing in our individual capacity to position ourselves as an asset, an organisation sees value in?

A woman in her fifties once said that she has over sixty certificates from various professional bodies, sixty? When you hear such stories, you cannot but ask yourself some hard hitting questions like are we willing to develop and constantly improve on ourselves like these people? Are we portraying the best versions of ourselves at all times? The moral here is not that we all go out and attain 60 professional certificates to become employable, but that we make a conscious effort to constantly improve and learn.

A lady once invited her friend to participate in an internship program being offered by an organisation. To the lady's surprise, the next question that popped from her friend's mouth was, “how much will I be earning?” She rejected the offer as soon as she realised that the monthly salary for interns was way below her expected salary. Her response was, “It would have been a waste of time.”

As far as we know, internship programs is a way of receiving on the job training and simultaneously acquire valued knowledge and experience. The internship would have equipped her with invaluable knowledge and experience that she could have used to pursue her career, as the popular saying goes, ‘No knowledge is lost.’

It is important that individuals seek to improve on themselves through gaining and sharing knowledge and experiences.

Internships and other employment programmes may not come with the salary you think you deserve and it may seem like a struggle in the beginning but on the flip side, the accumulated knowledge and experience may lead to something better. Always seek opportunities and benefits you stand to gain.

Ensure that you constantly improve on yourself in such a way that when you submit your CV, it won't be cast aside and forgotten. Always be a product to be reckoned with!

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