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First thing to know when responding to a job advert….

Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Finding A Job

It’s quite surprising to see young graduates overly conscious of money rather than the knowledge to be gained and the advantage such would add to their Curriculum vitae.

We talked to few young graduates on the first thing that comes to their mind before responding to a job advert and here is what they have to say:

According to Femi Adeoye, a graduate of University of Lagos, “The salary is the most important thing, the salary determines if I will apply for the job or not. I’m not particularly concerned about the duties; we can always work it out.”

Another graduate, Oluwatosin Bojomimo, said “I will first of all do my background check to know if there is job security. I don’t want to apply for a job and be told my service is no longer needed after three months. That’s the first thing I try to find out before I respond to any job advert.”

A graduate of University of Benin, Oyindamola Akindele said “The salary comes to mind first, I don’t want to settle for a job where I would be underpaid. After that, the job security also matters.”

To buttress this point was a broadcast message sent across on social media where we demanded for volunteers to help manage our website and assist our participants in the on-going budding entrepreneurs program. Eighty percent of those who responded to it wanted to know how much they would be paid. Some never bothered to know where the office is situated or duties to be carried out.

Only a few responded and showed interests after being briefed on what the job entails without bothering to know the amount they would be paid. Every job seeker must be willing to work, and improve themselves; money should not be the first question to ask when responding to a job advert.

When you’re called for a job, yours is to answer the call to see if it is within your area of specialisation and interest. When you see a job advert, the roles and responsibilities of the position should be the first thing to look out for. A negotiation for payment can start when you have been considered. But first of all, it is important that we go for that which may likely boost our CV as a new graduate. Not easy? Yeah right! Not easy working for free besides not all internship program comes for free, the knowledge to be gained should be the topmost priority and what you may likely benefit from the organisation to improve on your skills. And like Plato said that a good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.

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, 2 months ago


Iluku Omotayo, 5 years ago

During my Industrial Training in a construction firm @ Abuja,my technical GM said a very short phrase to me and that has been my watchword over the years.He said 'Hardwork Pays'....

As a young potential talent in your field,don't think money first,think the experience you are gonna get on the job,he said.When u r very good at what you do,better jobs n better pay will follow,he buttressed his point....

N my testimony to going by dat rule is dat,outta d 14weeks I spent at d firm,I wasn't paid a dime 4 d 1st 8weeks,but wen I was leaving d firm,130k was enveloped 4 me coupled with a very glamorous send-off party.


Ndu-metu Rosemary, 5 years ago

I tend to look out for companies that will challenge me, the pay is sincerely an important factor but i am more interested in the kind of job and what it has to contribute to my career, getting my work done has never been an issue. 

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