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Why we need to maintain a Good Relationship with Former Employers

Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Finding A Job


A facilitator while addressing young participants during a seminar emphasised the need to maintain a good relationship with former employers. Whilst stressing the importance of this, a young lady stood up and narrated how her former boss was unfair to her. She said there were times her former boss would delay payment of salaries for months on end but for her, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he refused to pay their salaries at all and went ahead to sack over fifteen employees including her.

After narrating her story, the lady asked the facilitator if she would be willing to build a relationship with such an employer. Others at the seminar agreed with her and some even shared their unpleasant experiences with their former bosses, surprisingly only a few people had good things to say about their former boss.

Most likely, majority will agree with the young lady; understanding why the lady did not feel the need to maintain a cordial relationship with her boss was understandable but those type of situations can be seen as exceptions to the rule.

The rule is always try to leave your prior place of work on good terms. More often than not your new employer will seek a reference from your former employer to form their opinion about your person in a professional working capacity. If you have somewhat left behind a bad reputation or much cannot be said about your relationship with your last employer, chances are they will not be too willing to write you a first-rate recommendation.

Do not burn bridges!

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