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Three graduates went for the same interview, the first walked by a woman who happened to be an employee of the organization without bothering to extend a polite greeting.

The second applicant was properly dressed in a purple shirt and black trouser with shiny shoes to match.

The third applicant was caught up in traffic, he rushed in panting with his white shirt soiled with sweat stains. He walked in at a time when the interview session was about to begin.

The third applicant was the first to be called into the boardroom once the interview commenced. Remember, the third applicant was the one caught up in traffic.

He wiped his sweaty forehead with the back of his shirt and quickly hurried into the boardroom.  The interviewers were immediately turned off by his appearance as they felt like he did not properly represent himself and in turn they believed he would not properly represent the company’s image. Upon concluding their interview with him, the first applicant was asked into the boardroom.

The first applicant walked in and was shocked to see the woman whom she had ignored earlier on, as one of the interviewers. She was less concerned because she was over confident considering her good appearance and flawless English. Unknowingly to her, the interviewers perceived her as arrogant due to the manner in which she answered the interviewers’ questions. She also refused to accept corrections on errors made during the course of the interview.

She left the boardroom satisfied that she made a good impression but unknowingly to her the interviewers felt otherwise.

The third applicant though nicely dressed was unable to answer the questions effectively due to his lack of research on the organization and related job field.

We just painted a scenario of what may happen before and during an interview session. A job interview is unlike any other form of interaction, the interviewer wants you to communicate what makes you stand out from other candidates. An interviewer always acts on the information provided during an interview to determine whether or not a prospective candidate would be an asset to the organization.

We are not saying that you should burden the interviewer with unnecessary or unrelated information but rather focus on key selling points that your interviewer would be interested in.

We also noticed that most applicants do not practice, as awkward as this may sound to you, it is necessary to rehearse some common questions asked during interviews. Questions such as:

  • Tell us about yourself?  
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Give a brief description of some of your previous roles?
  • What experience do you have relating to the field you are applying for?
  •  What made you apply for this position?

These are some common questions applicants should practice before going for an interview.

The third applicant may have been the ideal person for the job but the interviewers felt his appearance was not a good representation of himself. Your appearance is key as it says a lot about you before the interview even commences. Choose your outfit the night before, get plenty of sleep and plan your journey, aim to arrive at least ten minutes early. On the day, if possible, eat a good, healthy breakfast, so you feel more energised for the day ahead.  

To avoid being like the second applicant, it is advised that you should consider how you will explain some aspects of your CV, such as the reason for leaving your former place of work. Furthermore, learn how to correctly pronounce the organisation’s name. Research the organisation, have a robust understanding about everything relating to the organization e.g. corporate social responsibility. This would ensure that you are better prepared to answer questions and share your views and ideas if asked.

Remember to apply these tips in your next interview. Good luck.

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