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Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Finding A Job

You may have a hundred and one certifications and be the one our society refers to as “hot cake” but without a good work ethic to properly mix with it, it may give you a bad reputation amongst work colleagues, most especially those who respect and place you in high esteem.

Most employers we have been fortunate to liaise with, have complained about employees lacking good work ethic. For instance, if employees who have worked longer in an organization lack the strong work ethic, it may quickly rub off on the new employees, delaying the crucial work activities and setting a bad example to the new employees.

Therefore we have decided to help you with a few necessary tips that will enable you cultivate a strong work ethic in your place of work. The steps are highlighted below:

  • Be professional

Being respectful of others, showing consistency and reliability is part of developing a good work ethic. Remember that you were employed because the organization was convinced that you had so much to offer. Especially with the good impression your CV created.

A good work ethic means working well with others. When you make a mistake or do not complete your work, do not make excuses, just own up to your mistakes or shortcomings. This shows maturity and a willingness to work well with others.

Likewise do not castigate others for their shortcomings.

  • Maintain a good reputation at work

It is common to see employees engage in gossip especially about their colleagues. Avoid gossiping at work, it doesn’t speak well of you neither does it make you approachable in times of difficulty.

  • Make work a priority

Work related tasks should be your primary concern. Take your work seriously and balance it well so that you have enough time and energy to do your work well.

  • Minimize distractions when working

Know your distractions and try as much as possible to minimize these distractions in order to be focused on your present task. If it is a distracting colleague who would enjoys engaging in long conversations, kindly find a way to excuse yourself from the situation.

Finally, be a good team player, be ready to share your views and opinions with others and also listen to others’ views and opinions. This would make for great team bonding.

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