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“Kindly Confirm Attendance.”

Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Finding A Job

The phrase “Kindly Confirm Attendance” is commonly used at the end of a message when being invited for an interview. It has been our experience that when sending these type of messages, most applicants tend to disregard them.

Kindly confirm attendance is a call to action to respond to the sender as deemed necessary. Often times, those who ignore the phrase, usually show up for the event unexpectedly.

The HR officer of a particular organisation sent an invite to five applicants whom she felt would best fit the job vacancy advertised. At the end of the message, she requested that the applicants “Kindly confirm their attendance”. None of the applicants confirmed and she had to put up another job vacancy for the same position on their “Main career page” and other job sites.

Two days later, she was surprised to receive a call from the company’s security guard that several individuals were waiting to see her in regards to the interview scheduled. “I do not have an appointment with anyone today.” She said to herself.

She excused herself and walked to the gate where she saw five different faces properly dressed with shiny shoes to match. She approached them and demanded to know the reason for their visit.

A young lady amongst them answered that she received a text message from the company for an interview scheduled for 10am that day. The HR officer was surprised and asked why none of them confirmed their attendance via text as stated in the message. None of them could give a satisfactory response to her question.

One of them finally said that he only read the date, time and location of the company without bothering to read the message in its entirety.

The HR officer proceeded to inform them that the interview had been cancelled because none of them confirmed their attendance.

She empathised with them and proceeded to reschedule another interview.

You may not be so lucky like the applicants in this story because not everyone is that empathetic.

You may even be asked to leave especially in a company who pre-inform their security guards and receptionist on visitors expected in a day.

When next you receive a message where you are told to confirm your attendance, do not ignore but rather, reply that you will either be there as informed or not.

Interview scoring starts from when you receive the phone call or text message. Be courteous always and act accordingly, no employer wants a person who forgets to act on little details.

Did you just receive a text message for an interview? Now go ahead and confirm your attendance. 

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