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Posted by Admin | 6 years ago | Filed Under Finding A Job

We know this doesn’t apply to you, but a lot of job seekers have also said that too but unfortunately these same set of job seekers are guilty of the above.

A young bright young man was invited for an interview at a Downstream Oil and Gas firm recently in Lagos. He made sure to look the part and learn all he could about the firm. His credentials were equally above average.

At the end of the interview session, the panel of interviewers though perceiving him to be a brilliant and articulate young man and probably the best candidate for the job were not too impressed with him. The second best candidate was employed instead.  His flaw (One which put off the interviewers) was his constant way of interrupting questions and finishing sentences for the interviewers.

He probably must have rehearsed so well for the interview that he felt he could predict the chain of thoughts of the interviewers, thus getting a little cocky and being a bit of a know-it-all.

Even though he might have actually known all the answers and could accurately read his interviewers, he should have been smart enough to pretend and hide that fact. Generally, interrupting others mid speech is seen as rude let alone being in a job interview.  

Interrupting sells you off as being arrogant and as one who would hardly listen to his senior colleagues let alone his subordinates in a work environment.

If you are in the habit of doing this or you find yourself facing a panel of sorts, it is advised that you allow them speak and answer only when questions are thrown at you. At all cost, avoid interrupting your interviewers even during chats amongst themselves. If they require your opinion, they will ask you directly. At the same time this doesn’t mean you should be timid or come off as being unlively.

Answer questions promptly, sell yourself, do not give a yes/no answer because you didn’t want to be seen as arrogant. The interview session is the time to sell yourself and state some of those unique achievements which you could not elaborate in your resume when you are asked.

Be polite, smile but do not interfere in issues that wasn’t clearly directed at you and do not interrupt the interviewer before they have finished asking you a question. Never finish their sentences for them.

Most importantly, keep your answers brief and concise. Interviews are an opportunity to sell yourself in as little words as possible and not a platform to air your life’s journey.


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