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Adedayo Olabamiji , 2017-11-21 15:37:55

Most people end up working in jobs that they’re not super excited about. 

They drag themselves out of bed everyday, put in their 8 hours, and stare at the clock until 5:01. 

The truth is, this isn’t always a bad thing. It’s okay to have a job that’s just a “job” if that’s your thing. 

Even if you are an entrepreneur too, you need to think ahead and work out your course. Time is life. 

However to have Career Advantage over others in your industry, you need to know what they don't know 

I've figured out a few things along the way that I wish someone had told me 22-year-old walking into my first day job 

Here is where experience speaks for you in life! You can't buy this in any market at all. 

Have had the privilege of working with people from several fields in my life career with distinct perspectives 

Firstly I discovered that you need to: 1. Establish your personal brand. 

Decide what you want your reputation in the workplace to be, and let your actions define you. 

Keep promises, and make deadlines. Under-promise and over-deliver. Integrity matters in your career life. 

Some people are yet to get promoted or higher responsibilities all because they have integrity issues. Watch this! 

Avoid behavior in your personal life that could hurt your professional life 

Seek out a mentor. I'm guessing many busy professionals may say, "I don't have time to be a mentor," 

But most mentor relationships happen naturally rather than being established formally. Be on the lookout for them. 

I bet my best mentors probably don't know they even served in that role. Get one and they your mentor help you. 

You need someone who have seen ahead of you. Don't be ignorant , seek help when and where you are confused. 

You need someone who have seen ahead of you. Don't be ignorant , seek help when and where you are confused. 

Plans will change either by force or circumstance. Have what I call "career progression" 

For example, at a time I planned to move from my former company to another within a stipulated time. 

Be flexible, but have a plan regardless of whether it's a work project,a trip , or an important life decision. 

Keep up with the news every day. Read the papers/reviews,check news websites and blogs,listen to NPR on the way to work. 

Know what's in the news about your organization or industry before your boss or client asks. Be on top of your game. 

Don't pass up a chance to learn. Find out what your boss or leaders in your profession are reading. 

Books, professional publications, websites, etc .Seek out professional development opportunities; pay for them yourself 

If necessary. Join professional organizations, and get involved. Be informed in your industry not to be deformed. 

How do one speak of a candidate for an entry level with no knowledge of the job function he/she is interviewed for? 

Be interested and inquisitive. Ask good questions, and ask often. As you learn, also apply. That gives you an edge. 

Young professionals have a great deal to offer a work environment. Speak up when you have something to offer. 

Take note, Looking busy doesn't equal being productive. Always manage your energy at work. 

The co-worker who crows about his heavy workload and long hours is probably much less productive than the one who is organized and prioritizes his days. 

Go to your boss with a solution, not a problem. Your boss is solving problems all day. Be a solution provider! 

Make her/his life easier by presenting a solution when you present a problem. Work with clarity all the time. 

Stay in the loop, but avoid the gossip. Be a "boundary spanner" that will help you a lot. 

someone who is respected and trusted by people in all parts and at all levels of the organization. 

Cultivate contacts within and outside work. Relationship matters here. 

Your next job will probably come from someone you know through church, nonprofits, alumni groups, friends, and professional organizations. So watch out for opportunities. 

Strive for work/life balance. The "balance" will probably fluctuate daily, but creatively engage in exercise, and hobbies make you a more valuable (and saner) employee. Be a team player. 

A Bright Career depends upon certain factors, they are; Education Skills Vision Interest Values Goals. 

Stop making excuses and start creating the change you want to see in your career. 

Work doesn't need to define you! You define all. Difficult times allow you the opportunity to find beauty in strength. 

Few tips;

Have a Positive Attitude! Learn what attitude is,  what aspects of your life are controlled/directed by your attitude, how to determine your attitude at any given moment?  And what specific strategies make a positive attitude a permanent habit in your life?

Believe in yourself! Understand the nature of human potential through asimple process of identifying your personal talents. 

Lastly, Build Positive Habits! Understand the process of how habits are created. 

Make a commitment, plan and take action to move your career to the next level. 

Network with people in your industry. Take advantage of social media platforms for opportunities. 


To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 

Twitter : @dayus4heaven 

Sinbol Group, 2017-10-23 09:30:20

Graduate Trainee Recruitment at Sinbol Group.

Send CV to Sinbolhr@gmail.com

Okhifo Emmanuel, 2017-10-19 12:35:32

Most companies insist they want a male or a female employee